Fun Activities To Do In The High Sierra While Waiting For The Snow

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The High Sierra is renown for its word-class skiing but there's much more to do here than just that in the winter. When you’re ready to take a break from the slopes or just not a big skier/snowboarder check out these awesome winter activities that aren't skiing or snowboarding.

Snowshow Brewing Award Winning Breweries in the High Sierra

Award Winning Breweries In The High Sierra

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With such cold, clear, pure water to be accessed, it’s no surprise that these mountains hold many award winning breweries in the High Sierra. But don’t take our word for it.

3 Ways To Find Serenity In The High Sierra

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From decompressing in a B&B to enjoying the wilderness the High Sierra will make sure that you find the serenity you’re looking for.

3 Amazing Thanksgiving Getaways In The High Sierra

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Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have, and this year, we're thankful for these 3 great getaways in the High Sierra!

Time To Get Into The Spirit – Christmas Traditions In The High Sierra

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From the foothills to the highest peaks, this is your chance to explore the many fun Christmas traditions going on throughout the High Sierra.

gold panning California Gold Rush

Release Your Inner “49er” & Experience Your Own California Gold Rush In The High Sierra

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Instead of reading about it in history books, why not experience the California Gold Rush in the High Sierra in person.

Erik Schatt's Bakery Bishop California

Award Winning & One-of-a Kind Food In The High Sierra

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Spoil your inner foodie and try some of the tastiest food not just in the state of California but in the country!

Mammoth Lakes Horseshoe Lake

Why Fall Is The Most Romantic Season In The High Sierra

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Some say spring is the season of love, but autumn offers a lot for couples too. Here's a few ideas for a High Sierra fall romantic getaway.

There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills… State Parks Of The High Sierra Offer Priceless Experiences

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Come celebrate and help preserve California's multitude of natural wonders and cultural heritage by visiting one of these three state parks in the High Sierra.

Castle Peak Bagging Sierra Nevada Truckee

Peak Bagging Opportunities For the 1st Timer In The High Sierra!

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This list of peaks to summit isn't the toughest or most grueling but rather to inspire you to try the activity known as peak bagging!

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad Railroading in the High Sierra

Railroading In The High Sierra

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From seeing historic trains to a fun and easy way to the slopes, railroading in the High Sierra is like nowhere else in the country!

Birding In Yosemite Northern Pygmy Owl

Hot Spots For Birdwatching In The High Sierra

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Here's our list of favorite bird watching trails and sanctuaries in the High Sierra perfect for an afternoon well-spent among nature.

Head Off The Beaten Path For A Wine Tasting Adventure In The High Sierra

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Maybe it’s the cool mountain air or the relaxed state of mind. No matter what, wine tasting in the High Sierra is unlike anywhere else. Here are a few ideas for a wine getaway you won't forget.

Bodie Ghost Towns of the High Sierra

Get Outside & Explore The Ghost Towns Of The High Sierra

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For a perfect recipe to visit ghost towns AND enjoy nice weather at the same time come visit the High Sierra.

Vossler Farms Pumpkin Patch

3 Things To Do In October In The High Sierra

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From spooky to fantasy filled, the month of October in the High Sierra offers you a gambit of festivals that are worth checking out.

Via Ferrata

The Secret Season – Have Fun & Exercise Too

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When venturing deep into the mountains visitors are looking for empty beaches, quiet roads, and a destination all to themselves. Discover the secret season in the High Sierra to get all that and more!

Squaw Valley Oktoberfest in the high sierra beer steins

Awesome Oktoberfest Celebrations To Enjoy In The High Sierra

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Grab your lederhosen or dirndl and get ready to celebrate Oktoberfest the right way… in the High Sierra!

Weird Festivals In the High Sierra

Three Quirky, Funky, & Downright Weird Festivals Of The High Sierra

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From creepy crawl-ees to itchy leaf-ees, howl your way into fun this fall when you visit these three weird, off-the-wall festivals.

Maximize Your Leaf Peeping In The High Sierra

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On the West Coast there's no better place that captures the essence of autumn like here. If you're planning the perfect fall foliage getaway, then this list & some tips will help maximize your leaf peeping when in the High Sierra. Don't miss out on mother nature's display before it's too late.

John Muir Wilderness

Three Wilderness Areas In The High Sierra To Check Out This Year

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If you want to have nature all to yourself, don’t skip these cool wilderness areas in the High Sierra.

Angels Camp

3 Perfect Mountain Towns To Visit In The High Sierra Any Time Of Year

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Many mountain ranges have ski towns focused only on one time of year but that's not the case in the High Sierra. Here's 3 towns that prove our point.

Glen Alpine Spring Lake Tahoe South High Sierra

Super Secret Ways To Escape Crowds During Peak Season

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Visiting the High Sierra during peak season? Check out these 3 super secret spots to escape the crowds & experience solitude.

Yosemite National Park Night Sky

Stargazing In The High Sierra

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Did you know that 80% of humanity can't see the Milky Way? Fortunately, stargazing in the High Sierra gives you opportunity to see this and much more!

Auto Camp Yosemite High Sierra Glamping

Glamping In The High Sierra

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Experience the starry skies, listen to campfire stories, and all the best parts of camping without waking up to a sore back!

Mono Lake Best spots for a sunset in the High Sierra

Best Spots To Catch A Sunrise Or Sunset In The High Sierra

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From historic marvels to otherworldly landscapes, here's a taste of some of the best spots to get a sunrise/sunset photo in the High Sierra.

Farm-To-Fork In The High Sierra

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It isn’t the end of the road but rather the journey that creates the experience & lasting memories. Here's a few ideas in the High Sierra to truly savor the flavors of this mountain range!

Best Places In The High Sierra To Celebrate The Fourth Of July

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These events will keep you entertained & make sure you celebrate the America's independence the right way... with FUN!

Best Bike Paths In The High Sierra Pope Baldwin Beach Bike Path

Best Bike Paths In The High Sierra

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Don’t sit in traffic this summer! Instead, pedal your way to see a whole new side of the Sierra on one of these 3 amazing bike paths.

Devils Postpile

4 Hidden Gems In The High Sierra To Visit In The Summer

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If you’ve seen the must do attractions in the Sierra Nevada or just want to escape the crowds, these hidden gems in the High Sierra are a great option.

Majestic Mountain Loop – A Cool Option For A Long Weekend In The High Sierra

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Folks don’t realize how close three of California’s National Parks really are... and the Majestic Mountain Loop gives you the opportunity to visit all THREE in a three day road trip.

Lake & River Cruises In The High Sierra

Lake & River Cruises In The High Sierra

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Enjoy water or just want to experience something different, look no further than a lake or river cruise in the High Sierra. These will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Concerts in the Pines High Sierra Music Festival

High Sierra Summer Music Festivals

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Regardless of your favorite live music or the food you enjoy most, we've got you covered. After you finish your day, pull up an Adirondack chair, lay back and take in the easy summertime vibes the High Sierra has to offer while listening to some live music.

Van Sickle Bi-Sta

Bass Lake Fishing Derby

Best Fishing Derby In The High Sierra

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Make this fishing season one for the history books by entering a fishing derby in the High Sierra.

Four Cycling Adventures in the High Sierra

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From road cyclists to avid mountain bikers, the High Sierra is home to an amazing assortment of trails. These are just four of the more unknown trails existing throughout the range. Stay tuned as we explore a few more cycling adventures across the wide ranging High Sierra country.

Webber Lake High Sierra Lake Fishing

Come Back With A Legendary Fish Tale

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Be the one that comes home with grand tales of the “monster” you caught and the envy of all your pals. When it comes to fishing, the lakes in the High Sierra offer you some of the best in the world.

Calaveras Frog Jumping Contest

3 Amazing Bucket List Festivals In The High Sierra

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From the crazy pack scramble to hot power sawing and even leaping frogs, these three High Sierra festivals showcase what makes this region so special.

Independence Lake

Most Scenic Lakes In The High Sierra

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Summer is almost here so spark the wanderlust in your soul and get ready to take a dip at one of these scenic lakes in the High Sierra

Parker Lake Fishing in Mono County

Merry Fishmas – Trout Fishing Season in the High Sierra is Upon Us

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Catching the “Big One” is a relaxing way to get away from the stress of everyday life and a picturesque way to get to know the California High Sierra. All you need is a little bait, maybe a boat and a love of the great outdoors to fish the High Sierra.

Sequoia National Park Tunnel Log Driving

4 Unique & Wonderful Things To Not Miss In The High Sierra

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Each nook & cranny of the High Sierra is filled with unique things to see. These unique “gems” will inspire you to plan a trip today.

sequoia national park big trees hike

Kid Friendly Activities In The High Sierra

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Don’t let another weekend or vacation pass by without exploring one of these many kid friendly activities in the High Sierra.

Majestic Yosemite Hotel Historic Lodges In The High Sierra

Historic Lodges In The High Sierra

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Historic lodges in the High Sierra are more than just a place to rest up between experiences. They qualify as destinations in their own right. Here's a glimpse into some of the most legendary.

California High Sierra – April & May is the “Secret” Ski Season

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With ski season slated to last through Memorial Day and a bright warm sun returning, spring is the season of adventure in every shape and size in the High Sierra.

Hollywood in the High Sierra Historic Downtown Truckee

Go A “Little” Hollywood In The High Sierra

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From romantic comedies to sci-fi flicks to American classics, the High Sierra has set the stage for many a film.

WinterWonderGrass Tahoe

Record February Snowfall Means Fantastic Spring-time Festivities

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Spring means your opportunities for a multi-sport day of adventure & fun in the California High Sierra are boundless. Start the day on the slopes followed by a warm bike ride & finish it off with any one of these amazing festivals.

Bonsai Rock Instagramable Places In The High Sierra

Four Instagramable Places In The High Sierra For The Perfect Shot

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It’s no secret that nearly every square inch of the Sierra Nevada is photogenic. And these four Instagramable places in the High Sierra definitely showcase that!

Zephyr Cove Snowmobile Center Snowmobiling In The High Sierra

Snowmobiling In The High Sierra

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It's no surprise that snowmobiling is an important part of winter fun in the Sierra Nevada. Here's a sampling of where to rev up that engine & enjoy the snow motorized style.

Winter Guided Tours In The High Sierra

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From seeing endangered species to unparalleled views via cross country skiing or snowshoeing, you don’t want to miss out on these amazing guided winter hikes in the High Sierra.

off roading in the High Sierra

Pavement – Shmavement – Off Roading In The High Sierra

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Get off the beaten path & explore the rugged side of the Sierra Nevada. You won’t regret it!

Half Dome Village Rink Ice Skating In The High Sierra

Ice Skating In The High Sierra

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Fun, family-friendly and also the perfect way to spend a romantic winter day or night. So grab your skates (or rent some) and enjoy!

Mount Tallac

Four Mountain Peaks To See In The High Sierra

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Soaring high above the world mountains proclaim a dominance over their surrounding landscapes. Don’t let another year fly by here's 4 mountain peaks to see in the High Sierra.

South Lake Tahoe Camp Richardson Cross Country Skiing Mt Tallac Winter

Be Your Own Locomotive & Try Cross Country Skiing In The High Sierra

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Experience the unparalleled scenery, incomparable serenity and heaping amounts of fun you can have in the Sierra Nevada landscape.

Tahoe Donner Snowplay

Family Fun & Snow Play In The High Sierra

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Grab your sleds, shovels & winter coats and head to one of these hot or rather "cool" snow play family fun spots in the High Sierra.

Three Awesome Ideas To Spend New Year’s In The High Sierra

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From being part of a world record torchlight parade or you’re boogieing it in 'til the early morning, there’s a New Year’s Eve celebration for you this December 31st in the High Sierra.

sequoia national park marble falls winter hikes in the high sierra

Great Winter Hikes In The High Sierra

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Scenic vistas, snow-capped peaks, & empty trails combine for an unforgettable experience like no other time of year.

Snowshoe in the High Sierra

Snowshoe In The High Sierra – 3 One-Of-A-Kind Adventures

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Winter-time activities offer you clean-crisp air, snowbound vistas, lesser crowds and so much more. So, for this season, consider a snowshoe adventure in the High Sierra.

Four Hidden High Sierra Ski Resorts You May Not Know About

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Fancy a ski break away from the masses? Then be sure to take a close look at these 4 low-key destinations that turn out to be hidden gems in the High Sierra.

Christmas festivals in the high sierra

Christmas Festivals In The High Sierra

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Get in the holiday spirit by checking out one of the many Christmas festivals in the High Sierra. From one-of-a kind experiences like the Bracebridge Dinner to festive parades.

mercer caverns high sierra attractions

3 Lesser Known Attractions In The High Sierra

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While the iconic destinations are a must for everyone to see here's a list of 3 lesser-known tourist attractions in the High Sierra that are worth the visit as well.

Halloween in the High Sierra

Spook-tacular Fun For Halloween In The High Sierra

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Make this year's holiday a special one by heading into the High Sierra for some Halloween fun. Here's a snippet of the fun you can find this “spooky” season.

High Sierra Museums – Tell A Story

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High Sierra museums offer a unique glimpse at the history that exists in the Sierra Nevada. Both residents and visitors alike, will come away learning & truly appreciating the region that much more.

Funtober Fall Festivals In The High Sierra

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Fall is THE time to visit the High Sierra. It's the season for local’s AND visitors alike to enjoy the peace, tranquility AND numerous fall festivals happening in the High Sierra.

Cougar Rock Guided Hikes in the High Sierra Arnold Rim Trail

Epic Guided Hikes Of The High Sierra

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Maximize your time & get an insider’s look at the majestic mountain range in a whole other way by checking out one of these guided hikes.

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad Railroading Family Vacation Ideas in the High Sierra

One Last Family Fun Extravaganza To Finish The Summer Right!

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Don't let the last glimmer of summertime pass you up without one more family trip to the High Sierra. Here are 3 family vacation ideas that will make everyone happy!

Golfing In The High Sierra

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Perhaps it’s the quaint towns, invigorating mountain air or maybe the elevation. Who knows exactly... but it makes the perfect recipe for your next golfing adventure.

Bristlecone Pine Forest

4 Must-See Natural Attractions In The High Sierra

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Looking for a bucket list of natural wonders to see? Here's four worth exploring from the well-known to some hidden gems that exist deep in the High Sierra.

Best Scenic Byways High Sierra Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway

Best Scenic Byways in the High Sierra

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The High Sierra isn’t just a place filled with many one-of-a kind wonders. It’s also a destination to remove the tension of city life. Get away from the mid-summer heat, the terrible traffic and check out one of the many scenic byways in the High Sierra. Don’t let another weekend pass without a respite.

Bishop Visitor Center Rock Creek Lake Horseback Riding in the High Sierra

Horseback Riding In The High Sierra

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Although people may not think “fitness” when they consider taking the reins, a day in the saddle will kick you in the rear. While it may look like the horse is doing all the work, as a rider it takes balance, strong legs and a stable core to stay upright. So, hop on a horse this summer and truly feel the air, smell the foliage and see the High Sierra’s beauty in a unique way.

Kayaking Lake Tahoe Sunset

From Adrenaline-Pumping to Serenity – Here’s 3 Kayaking Adventures In The High Sierra

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While there are always new fitness fads out there, why not try a classic – Kayaking! It’s one of those activities that puts you right in the center of nature and provides an excellent workout. We love paddling & think kayaking in the High Sierra is some of the best in the world.

Camping In The High Sierra

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The Sierra Nevada gives the BEST of both worlds. It cools off at night, letting you sleep comfortably while warming up during the day for activities like fishing and hiking. Remember... summer is only so long so get out there and enjoy it!

Travertine Hot Springs Mono County

Soak Your Way To Health On A Hot Springs Adventure

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The High Sierra hot springs run the full gambit of amenities when it comes to rest and relaxation. From amenity-free to luxurious, you’ll find the pool that fits your needs. Come visit for a soak and create an adventure of your own.

Three Family Adventures in the High Sierra

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The High Sierra is a great, big, wonder-filled playground perfect for families. These family adventures are just waiting to engage, inspire and entertain everyone - and make you healthier and happier.

Four Great Hikes In The High Sierra

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There’s something special about being on the trail, feeling the cool mountain air against your skin and the warmth of the sun hitting your face as you trek onward. It’s these moments in the outdoors that help re-energize your soul for the following week. So, instead of sitting at home wasting away on your couch, try one of these amazing High Sierra hiking trails.

Sampling Of What Mountain Biking High Sierra Has To Offer

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From first-timers to seasoned mountain bikers, these are just a sampling of the best lift-served / shuttle accessed mountain biking High Sierra has to offer. So, go ahead and plan a getaway to let yourself breathe the fresh air and melt your cares away along one of these epic trails.

Tuolumne Grove Giant Sequoia - Kim Carroll

Sequoias – Modern Day Equivalent of Jack and the Giant Beanstalk

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The California High Sierra is famous for its soaring mountains, deep canyons, roaring waterfalls and the only NATURAL home of the giant sequoias. Existing only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, these groves of giant redwoods must be seen in person to really capture their grandeur.

Yosemite Falls High Sierra Waterfalls

Waterfall Season Is Here

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From historic to iconic, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range can arguably be considered the best place for viewing waterfalls in the world. This is just a drop in the bucket of the vast assortment of High Sierra waterfall beauty you can check out. What is your favorite on the list?   

Columbia State Historic Park Dog Friendly Trip Ideas in the High Sierra

Pet Friendly Trips in the High Sierra

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These are just a few of the adventures you can have with your pup in the High Sierra. The opportunities are endless and each region is host to a large assortment of places to stay and eat. So, the next time your thinking of an adventure with your furry friend, come visit the California High Sierra.

Mokelumne River Canyon Calaveras County High Sierra Wildflowers

Scenic Wildflower Hiking Opportunities In The California High Sierra

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After an amazing winter, it’s “high-time” to plan a trip to the Sierra Nevada and see the explosive color of High Sierra wildflowers that few other places can compete with.

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Truckee Tahoe City Microbrewery High Sierra Apres Skiing

Apres In The High Sierra From Craft Beer To Organic Cocktails

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Après & skiing have been intertwined since the advent of sliding down a mountain was perfected. Here's a few places you can enjoy a locally made brew, or for the less beer-inclined, a handcrafted organic cocktail as part of your Apres in the High Sierra.

Downtown Murphys Go Calaveras

4 Romantic Getaways in the California High Sierra

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Learn about some hidden gems in the Sierra Nevada for a special weekend (or week long) getaway. Hiking, hot springs, historic towns and lots more to recharge your relationship.

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