Bodie State Historical Park, Bodie, California

Step Back In Time In These Historic Sites Of The High Sierra

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Regardless of your interests or hobbies, visiting historical sites gives you an opportunity to engage with a place. To develop a fuller appreciation of those hardy individuals that spent time in the High Sierra. From the spark of “parkitecture” to the booming gold rush era, each of these historic landmarks provide us a better understanding […]

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names of places in california

History Of The Names Of Places In California High Sierra

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Have you ever sat back and wondered where the name of that mountain came from? Or how someone named that lake you’re floating on? What about the vista you’re enjoying a panoramic view from? If these kinds of questions rattle in your mind, you’ll love this fun look into the history of the names of […]

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Tuolumne Meadows

Three Awesome Day Hikes On The California Pacific Crest Trail Sections

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The birds are chirping. The bees are beginning to buzz. Butterflies are fluttering away. Summer’s here and there’s nothing better than by heading out for a hike. And what’s the most famous of all hiking trails? The PCT! Although hiking the entire length would be ultra cool, most of us can’t take off 5 months […]

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5 Ways To Find Serenity In The High Sierra

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You set your out of office in your email. Hop into the car and rush out of the city. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. To escape the daily routine and find some peace and quiet. The question is where? The answer as John Muir noted is “The Mountains.” Here’s five guaranteed ways […]

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