Home to the Pacific Crest and John Muir Trails, this region’s visitors will experience serene lakes, majestic falls, amazing granite rock formations and the giant sequoias in McKinley Grove.

From downhill & cross country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, to backpacking, rock climbing, water sports and world class sailing in the summer, recreation activities abound – or one can just enjoy the incredible mountain scenery.


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Southern Sierra Trip Picks

While you may come to take in the “stars” of the High Sierra, use this as an opportunity to have your kids learn a little too by visiting these kids museums on your trip.
best sunset sunrise california high sierra
Join the nation to celebrate National Park Week in California's High Sierra parks.
Hensley lake during spring
The fishing is good. The temps are perfect. Spring is the best time to visit these year-round campgrounds in the Sierra.
Alabama Hills in the spring
You could have a candle-lit dinner or buy flowers to express your love, but why not take it up a notch and visit one of these places for a romantic spring getaway.
wheelchair accessible fishing pier in Mammoth Lakes California
From wheelchair getaways to a certified autism destination here's how the High Sierra is welcoming everyone to the region.
hospital rock in sequoia national park native american heritage month
As you take in the Sierra here's how you can honor and learn about all the nations that we're here before European settlers arrived.
Milk and cookies
From the foothills to the highest peaks, this is your chance to explore the many fun Christmas traditions going on throughout the High Sierra.
Tuolumne County Alicias Sugar Shack
8 fun things to do in November in California showing you pretty much have access to the full gambit of four-season fun in the High Sierra.
fall foliage on June Lake Loop
Crowds are gone, temps have cooled and most of all mother nature is putting on a show - here's the best fall camping trip locations in the Sierra this autumn.
Vossler Farms Pumpkin Patch
From spooky to fantasy filled, the month of October in the High Sierra offers you a gambit of festivals that are worth checking out.
Yosemite fall festival
Fall is THE time to visit the High Sierra. It's the season for local’s AND visitors alike to enjoy the peace, tranquility AND numerous fall festivals happening in the High Sierra.
Autocamp near Yosemite National Park on a fall day
Experience the starry skies, listen to campfire stories, and all the best parts of camping without waking up to a sore back!
Cougar Rock Guided Hikes in the High Sierra Arnold Rim Trail
Maximize your time & get an insider’s look at the majestic mountain range in a whole other way by checking out one of these guided hikes.
kennedy meadows relief reservoir high sierra alpine lake
Summertime is here so spark the wanderlust in your soul and get ready to take a dip at one of these scenic lakes in the High Sierra
Concerts in the Pines High Sierra Music Festival
Regardless of your favorite live music or the food you enjoy most, we've got you covered. After you finish your day, pull up an Adirondack chair, lay back and take in the easy summertime vibes the High Sierra has to offer while listening to some live music.
high sierra getaway
Scenic byways, roaring waterfalls, ghost towns that time forgot these romantic road trip getaways are the perfect break for summer routines.
kennedy meadows high sierra tuolumne county hiking
While there are activities that can challenge the fittest athletes, you don’t have to be one to enjoy what makes California's High Sierra special.
Eastern Sierra backpacking
Looking for beginner backpacking trips in California? Here's 9 of our favorites in the High Sierra to get you hooked on the sport for life!
Yosemite Falls High Sierra Waterfalls
From historic to iconic, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range can arguably be considered the best place for viewing waterfalls in the world. This is just a drop in the bucket of the vast assortment of High Sierra waterfall beauty you can check out. What is your favorite on the list?   
Mokelumne River Canyon Calaveras County High Sierra Wildflowers
As winter fades away, it’s “high-time” to plan a trip to the Sierra Nevada and see the explosive color of High Sierra wildflowers that few other places can compete with.
Remove the stress and exhaustion from an adventurous experience and focus on making memories with these soft adventures in the High Sierra.
mariposa county, wild flowers, flower, poppy, poppies, lupine, grass, hills, spring, el portal, merced river, hite cove, cove, hites, trail, hike, explore, orange, green, damian
With over 1,450 species and a bloom that lasts over 6 months it can be difficult to find the displays of flowers. Here's the when and where to see wildflowers in the High Sierra so you can be informed ahead of time.
yosemite family vacation in california high sierra
We're always looking for family friendly destinations with outdoor fun. And we found the perfect family vacation in California High Sierra.
Instead of beelining right to your cabin or hotel room, head to one of these fun theatres that dot the High Sierra. We guarantee they’ll paint magical memories to go along with the fun you have outside.
Two children on horses overlooking the High Sierra
Giddy up! Hop on a horse this summer and truly feel the air, smell the foliage, and see the High Sierra’s beauty in a unique way.
unique adventures california high sierra
Go motor touring, explore a cavern, take Yosemite by Air - these nine unique adventures in the High Sierra will spark the wanderlust in your soul this summer.
Couple sitting on log near Fallen Leaf Lake
What's the weather in the Sierra Nevada like? What is there to do in each season? Learn what to pack. We cover everything so you're ready.
man hiking in South Lake Tahoe with view of mountains behind him
From frothing whitewater to hiking paradise this list of national forests in the High Sierra will inspire you to explore the great outdoors.
couple enjoying the evening
Go bouldering, soak up the sun, shred up the pow, or just go for a hike - here's 10 things that show you that you can do ANYTHING in the High Sierra in winter.
Go where you feel most alive - big trees, big sun, big mountains, big snow. The High Sierra California region is full of wonder that must be seen.
sequoia national park marble falls winter hikes in the high sierra
Scenic vistas, snow-capped peaks, & empty trails combine for an unforgettable experience like no other time of year.
Downtown Murphys Go Calaveras
Learn about hidden gems in the Sierra Nevada for a special weekend (or week-long) getaway. Hiking, hot springs, historic towns, and lots more to recharge your relationship.
Bonsai Rock Instagramable Places In The High Sierra
It’s no secret that nearly every square inch of the Sierra Nevada is photogenic. And these seven Instagrammable places in California High Sierra definitely showcasing just that!
Glacier Point Road, Yosemite National Park
Make the journey the reward by checking out these roadside attractions in California High Sierra on your way to the National Parks.
Devils Postpile
If you’ve seen the must do attractions in the Sierra Nevada or just want to escape the crowds, these hidden gems in the High Sierra are a great option.
kids attractions in California High Sierra squaw valley via ferrata
Make your good family vacation great by setting aside time to explore these kids attractions in California High Sierra.
Kings Canyon National Park
Mike Pistono--aka @seekingthehorizon_--and his fiance spent four days road-tripping through some of the coolest spots in the Western & Southern High Sierra. Their itinerary packs a lot of awesome into each day and you'll have a blast following along.
Sequoia National Park Tunnel Log Driving
Each nook & cranny of the High Sierra is filled with unique things to see. These unique “gems” will inspire you to plan a trip today.
California mountain region animals Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep
These animals, plants, fish, and vegetation call only the Sierra their home. These truly hardy folk don't just survive the feast or famine weather cycles... they thrive!
sledders with masks on in Lake Tahoe
Before you stuff the car and set off on your adventure, here’s a few things to consider before you depart.
Tahoe Donner Snowplay
Grab your sleds, shovels & winter coats and head to one of these hot or rather "cool" snow play family fun spots in the High Sierra.
Stoneman Bridge in Yosemite Valley is a good example of one of the unique California bridges
Although they might be a bit more subdued compared to the other monoliths in California, these unique bridges of the High Sierra are just as interesting to see.
Obsidian Dome snowshoeing on a snowy winter's day
Even if you aren’t an adrenaline junkie or a snow lover these winter outdoor adventures in California High Sierra are a must for all.
Aerial view of Mammoth Lakes California
Names of towns aren't just names... each has a story to tell. From card sharks to mining the history of how they got them is pure "gold."
California High Sierra Covid-19 Update
If planning to visit the High Sierra during COVID-19 do a little planning by checking these pages as a courtesy towards your fellow travelers & residents.
Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir at Glacier Point in Yosemite Valley
From the most famous to the trivial, John Muir's words inspire. Continue on to read "John of the Mountains" descriptions of places he saw and visited in the High Sierra.
obscure things to see in California
Looking for an unusual High Sierra break from big time adventures? Here are some quirky and unusual things to do in the rugged Sierra Nevada.
El Capitan shrouded in clouds
These 5 California documentaries about the High Sierra are both entertaining and edifying. 
Snowy Eastern Sierra looking from downtown Bishop California
Join us in honoring the “SPIRIT OF TRAVEL” during National Travel & Tourism Week by expressing it in one of these ways or just provide a few words of encouragement that you’ll be back!
Lunar Rainbow at Upper Yosemite Falls
If you’re looking to refresh yourself mentally, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually here's some fun things you can enjoy of the High Sierra from the comfort of home.
Solo Adventures
Take a trip that’s for you and by you and explore these epic solo adventures in the High Sierra.
High Sierra Yosemite National Park
Here's 10 Sierra Nevada mountain facts from the interesting to the quirky, and just downright bizarre you may not know about this iconic mountain range.
exterior of Tenaya Lodge
Looking for accommodations in the High Sierra? Consider one of our lodging partners listed below.
Bishop big horn sheep
From seeing endangered species to unparalleled views via cross country skiing or snowshoeing, you don’t want to miss out on these amazing guided winter hikes in the High Sierra.
Bristlecone Pine Forest
We invite you to not just see the 7 Wonders of the High Sierra but also to experience them in all their splendor.
John Muir Wilderness
If you want to have nature all to yourself, don’t skip these cool wilderness areas in the High Sierra.
Glen Alpine Spring Lake Tahoe South High Sierra
Visiting the High Sierra during peak season? Check out these 3 super secret spots to escape the crowds & experience solitude.
Yosemite National Park Night Sky
Did you know that 80% of humanity can't see the Milky Way? Fortunately, stargazing in the High Sierra gives you opportunity to see this and much more!
tomato on 2 forks
It isn’t the end of the road but rather the journey that creates the experience & lasting memories. Here's a few ideas in the High Sierra to truly savor the flavors of this mountain range!
Dogwoods and Bridalveil Fall
Folks don’t realize how close three of California’s National Parks really are... and the Majestic Mountain Loop gives you the opportunity to visit all THREE in a three day road trip.
From road cyclists to avid mountain bikers, the High Sierra is home to an amazing assortment of trails. These are just four of the more unknown trails existing throughout the range. Stay tuned as we explore a few more cycling adventures across the wide ranging High Sierra country.
sequoia national park big trees hike
Don’t let another weekend or vacation pass by without exploring one of these many kid friendly activities in the High Sierra.
Christmas festivals in the high sierra
Get in the holiday spirit by checking out one of the many Christmas festivals in the High Sierra. From one-of-a kind experiences like the Bracebridge Dinner to festive parades.
The High Sierra is a great, big, wonder-filled playground perfect for families. These family adventures are just waiting to engage, inspire and entertain everyone - and make you healthier and happier.
Tuolumne Grove Giant Sequoia - Kim Carroll
The California High Sierra is famous for its soaring mountains, deep canyons, roaring waterfalls and the only NATURAL home of the giant sequoias. Existing only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, these groves of giant redwoods must be seen in person to really capture their grandeur.
Columbia State Historic Park Dog Friendly Trip Ideas in the High Sierra
These are just a few of the adventures you can have with your pup in the High Sierra. The opportunities are endless and each region is host to a large assortment of places to stay and eat. So, the next time your thinking of an adventure with your furry friend, come visit the California High Sierra.
Giant sequoias, raging waterfalls and Yosemite Valley vistas are just a few of the adventures to enjoy in the Southern Sierra. Families, couples and explorers of all ages will find plenty to discover during this weeklong adventure.
Explore the culinary adventures, art and history in California’s High Sierra with this 6-day trip.

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